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Writing tips for effective communication


The Cold Start Problem by Andrew Chen is a book about the unique charactaristics of network products and network effects. What is unique about these products,what makes them strive or fail.

My highlights are available here.

Writing tips for effective communication

Many of us communicate a lot asynchronously through writing, therefore, making the reader understand ones writing is cruicial.

Here are my top tips for communicating effectively:

  1. Keep it short - nobody likes to read long messages
  2. Skip unnecessary words, usually adjectives or adverbs
  3. Start with a TL;DR that summarizes the main finding and conclusions
  4. Make action items clear and mention the people who are assigned to them.
  5. Ask for dead lines from the people that are assigned to action items 🚩
  6. Use an image to explain complicated processes or concepts (btw I started with Use an image, when you can, to explain complicated processes or concepts and then made it shorter πŸ˜‰ )
  7. Use a numeric example to explain complicated calculations
  8. If you ask for an approval or need a person’s opinion - make the ask clear

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