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Book Insights, Atomic Habits


Book Summary: Atomic Habits

General thoughts

  • Compound effect has tremndous power. It is therefore, more important to keep on adding 1% improvment items than starting with big things
  • The results you will get are as bad as the systems you set up
  • Outcome change < Process change < Identity change
  • Focus on who you wish to become
  • Habits are important because they could change your beliefs about yourself

The reinforcing cycle

How to make it happen

Make it obvious will approach the cue part. one can do that through a few ways:

  1. Specify a time + location when you will do someting. it increases the chances of that to happen. the more precise the better
  2. Stack to another habit that is already in place 👉 "when I finish brushing my theeth I weight myslef"
  3. Design your environment. Make the cues of good habits obvious and visible. e.g. if you want to eat apples put them in a bowl and don't hide them in the frig.

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